-Experimental Global GIS-

Experimental Global GIS 


Through this specific GIS for worldwide geography education, it is possible to differentiate each country or city by color on the map indicating the patterns of POPULATION, VARIOUS CHANGES of SOCIETY, ECONOMY, GROWTH, TRADE, NATURE, ENVIRONMENT, etc. It does differentiation by graphs too. The fundamental data account on CIA WORLD FACT BOOK. Experimental GIS based on the map system drawn from WORLD DATA BANK2.

It regards the countries of the world, many data it has belong as a fundamental data, but adding the data regarding the countries, circumstances of the countries of the world is possible. It does domestic and/or overseas URL visit by internet. (It ties the URL with the position, also the additional registration and modification is possible). It even provides many animation and quizes offering step-in interface for K12 students.

Experimental GIS use the numeric data tables which can be edited through MS-EXCEL and that make it easy to apply many tables available through governmental publications.

Win95/98/2000/ME/XP CD(Only the Japanese Version Available at now)


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