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(This Soft is not yet localized in English)
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Only Japanese version available now



       It crosses the field of geography, history, earth science, environment, peace, Holocaust and many. It uses animation, music, simulator, geographic information system(GIS), diary writing, internet, etc.

       Time Quest is the explorer which grapples the history from the birth of the earth to today providing hundreds of themes, involving scientific findings and the issues of peace, human progress, inventions, development, war, political change, etc.

        Biome Laboratory is the directory database which contains the lives and their environment and it grapples over a hundred of themes through animations and simulators.

       @Earth explorer handles geological explorations. The themes consist of the categories like the planet, the ground, water, the atmosphere, the lives. Each category provides futher detail themes through animations, games and quizes.

       @MapQuest is a geographic information system (GIS), that is instantly able to make up color-coded map, reflecting raw data concerning world countries on the world map, and it is also able to make up graphs of the nations by using the same raw data. Internet address can be made useful too through this GIS. @

       @The issues of peace study come with the experience of diary writings. In the Room of Peace Diary, the spiritual peace leaders like, Mahatoma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Einstein, Schweitzer, Anne Frank, Chiune Sugihara, Lincoln, etc. are introduced in details along with their historical background. the Room of Peace Diary calls forth the necessity of the awareness of the peace of whole globe and mankind.

       The games play important part in learning. Game World presents the games like "The world Quiz Tour", "Game Craft" and "Where is Mr. Froppan?" in which the involvement in the games plays the role of raising the curiosity and interest in learning.

The global educatin 20XX connects the themes to their related themes, making the leaner easy to visualize the whole view by applying simulator, game, GIS, animation, video, etc.