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The homeschool Math resources from
Magic Math Kingdom


Here are the the homeschool math resources for K12 children. Magic Math Kingdom's homeschool math resources are comprised of friendly and thoughtful math games for K12 level children. No violent nor radical contents included.

Main feature of Magic Math Kingdom homeschool resource is the inclusion of the concept of arousing environment and ecology interest among the children, while learning Math. Since Global Climate Change Impacts is one of the major issues facing mankind in this century, Math Learning Time , besides, the learning Math concept and essence, shall provide the time to arouse the interest on environment and ecology among children, agreeing that all the events, matters and lives on the earth interconnected to each other under God and it is where all the education of mankind shall com from.

Here are the downloadable evaluation versions of English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

   It provides thoughtful theme games that arouses the interests of children in the nature and environment through interactive games with natural animals and/or worms.

These theme games shift its contents as the children grow to the higher ages as the interests of children grow,

For instance, "Magic Math Kingdom" is for ags 5-8, and 8-9, "Magic Math Adventure Tour", that is rainforest exploration for ages 9-10, "Magic Math Time Travel" for ages 10-11,"Magic Math Space Tour" for ages 11-12.

What makes Magic Math Kingdom more unique is that it is equipped with Geometry Workshop. By clicking , dragging, measuring, moving a points, a line segment, etc., the children can enjoy how to make the geometric objects.

Here is the sample, you can take up.

1. Magic Math Kingdom Tour for ages 5-8 and for ages 8-9

    (for more information click here .........)

The theme game "Magic Math Kingdom" is presented in 5-8 ages and 8-9 ages. The brave frog will challenge the Magic Math Kingdom to rescue princess frog from the witch of Magic Math Kingdom. The small dragons will be multiplied and block the way for the brave frog to proceed...


2. Magic Math Adventure Tour (Holy Cup Search in the Deep Jungle) for ages 9-10

   The Magic Math Adventure Tour is the math game to get the sacred cup after the adventurethrough rainforest. Children see rainforest animals and plants through the tour.

The training quizzes and the game bring the children the basic arithmetic knowledge. It makes the children to pay an attention on the rainforest and animals as well as math knowledge.

(for more information click here .........)


3. Magic Math Time Travel for ages 10-11

    The Magic Math Time Travel makes the children an to pay an attention on the "life" and its origin, that is the history of earth and life. The children will see trifoliate insect, dinosaur, mammal in old days on billions of years way back to the present day. The children will be exposed to the earth and life science as well as steady learning of math. (for more information click here .........)


4. Magic Math Space Tour for ages 11-12

    The Magic Math Space Tour let children make the space journey returning to the earth from the edge of Solar system. The children will see Saturn, Venus and Jupiter etc as well as the various area of Earth from the sky, other than steady learning of math. (for more information click here .........)



5. Magic Geometry Workshop

        Draw and/or modify the figure by clicking and dragging a point, line, circle, etc. and measuring the length of the line, angle, etc.

Students can learn plane geometry experimentally using this internet tool. The learner can e-mail the geometry data and display their work on their homepage, which makes possible academic exchanges regarding plane geometry knowledge. Many materials and resources are provided for use at the site of the site of Magic Geometry Workshop. Come and visit!


6. Magic Geometry Canvas

        In the Far East, the puzzle game of using geometric pieces was invented and that was called "tangram" in Old China. Magic Geometry Canvas presents tangram games and other geometrical puzzle resources.

The trials and erroprs on the internet canvas to make up the targetted geometric shapes will contribute enhancing the geometric insights of the participants
. The samples and demos are provided for at the site of Magic Geometry Canvas.Try them!

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