Peace Diary writers Committee

     May we share the peace of mind with you at this page!

   Hello! we would like to introduce Peace Diary. Although we are located in Japan, Peace Diary writers Committee want to share the peace which was originated from Anne Frank and we must tell you that we got influenced from the "Freedom Writers" of Wilson High School at San Diego, California, U.S.A.

    Let me explain first how effective the Holocaust Education affected the mental spirit of the students at their high school education. Their teacher, Gruwell got the idea for growing Freedom Writers after she intercepted a note being passed around in her class when she first bear their class at Wilson High School. The note contained a crude racial caricature with exaggerated features of one of her students. She said that when she saw the drawing she "went ballistic." She told the class that it reminded her of some of the hateful drawings she had seen from the Holocaust. But when a student asked "What's the Holocaust?"

she realized that no one knew about that massive atrocity. As she looked at her room full of students, individuals from every ethnic, social and economic background in Long Beach, she knew what she had to teach. She would teach her class about intolerance. She would teach them to think. She would teach them to write. Their future depended on it.", ---From Freedom Writers Bring Studies to Life ---

We believe finding and understanding those little causes of "the small Holocaust" and to throw away from our lives is the most important issue in the Holocaust education. And we shall never forget the peace issue of Jerusalem with heart, since Man really can not attain nor blessed with the real peace as long as we ignore the people facing real trouble in the middle east for the peace issue, symbolically, Jerusalem.

The Peace Diary Writing with Holocaust education together shall work good for this purpose, as it worked for Freedom Writers. Please write to us if you have made any similar experience to share with us.

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