We tell you here the real story which was experienced by Japanese chorus group at the time when the concert tour to Israel was made.

When they were at Natanya, one of the towns in Israel, and that they were taking lunches at a restaurant, one gentleman came by and spoke to them. He requested some chorus songs to the chorus group and told them. "You, people have come from a far country, Japan. I love to work for the peace for my lifetime. Maybe you have had read my daughter's diary in Japan. I am Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank" Mr. Otto Frank and the chorus group has kept friendship for long time and oneday, the chorus group received a gift from Mr. Otto Frank, that was 10 nursery stocks of "Anne's Rose".

Out of 10 nursery stocks which are sent to Japan from Otto, due to long traveling and the quarantine check, stocks are just before the withered, however, after through the desperate praying and care by the members of the chorus group, only 1 out of 10 stocks bloomed in the next year.

The rose of the Anne Frank was named in the remembrance of Anne Frank. They were sent to this Christian chorus group as the sign of friendship. The flower is colored in faint orange or purple time to time. The Rose remind us of her spirit of peace that shins after passing through her painful time of life.

Presently, the flowers of the rose of Anne Frank can be seen at many places in Japan. You can see the photo of the Rose, at Home Page of Anne Frank Museum in Japan.

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