Magic Math Adventure Tour for ages 9-10 years
(Seek the Holy Cup Deep in the Jungle)
-English Version-

Magic Math Adventure Tour for ages 9-10 is a quiz-oriented CAI that provides an enjoyable environment for children to study math. Friendly animals and worms participate in the animations and introduce quizzes

The articles
It contains many animations under the articles such as linegraphs, decimal addition /subtraction/measuring lengths, fractions, divisions, rounding, plane geometry (areas, triangles, angles, etc.)

The quizzes and a game
The children can effectively learn mathematics with friendly natural animals and/or worms. A comprehensive and challenging game with the objective of retrieving a Holy Cup hidden deep in the jungle is included. While the participant proceeds through the jungle seeking the Holy Cup, incorrect or tardy answers cause guardian dragons to automatically multiply and this enhances the difficulty to reach the goal. The participant encounters various rainforest animals as he travels through the jungle. Three levels of difficulty are provided.

for Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7 PC 


Geometry Workshop Demo
The plane geometry lab is one of the most modern teaching technologies in computer applications. Here is the sample learning through the Workshop. This sample workshop requires you to form a line graph of the annual shift of temperature at a certain city.You can move a point of each monthly temperature up or down. The sample red colored line graph pattern reflect the temperature shift at Tokyo. Try to make a line graph at any city of your choice!

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