Magic Math Time Travel for ages 10-11 years

-English Version-
Magic Math Time Travel for ages 10-11 is a quiz-oriented CAI that provides an enjoyable environment for children to study math. Friendly animals and worms participate in the animations and introduce quizzes. An exciting comprehensive game of time travel through billions of years will help children study math by providing positive stimulation and it arouses the interest in the nature and environmental issues.

The articles
It contains many animations under the articles like percentages and a circular graph, addition and subtraction of fractions with equal denominators, rounding, multiplication of decimals vs. integers, decimals division, plane geometry (trapezoids, parallelograms, rhombi, triangle areas, parallelograms, circles, etc.)

the quizes and a game
The children can effectively learn mathematics with friendly natural animals and worms through quizes The comprehensive game of time travel is a challenge. In this game, the participants travel through billions of years to come back to the present days. Time dragons automatically multiply as the result of incorrect or tardy answers and that makes it difficult to return to the present time. In addition, occasional time thunder may interrupt the time path of safe journey. As the participants travel through time, the children may meet animals in the past days, such as a trilobite or dinosaur, etc. Three levels of difficulty are provided.CAI enables unit lessons and comprehensive learning. It can be useful at school as well as at home.

for Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP PC 


Geometry Workshop Demo
Participants in the geometry lab can enjoy learning plane geometry by experimentally clicking, dragging, measuring angles and lengths. Here is the sample of Geometry Workshop. Find the areas of the given triangles by measuring the lengths, the angles which are necessary to find the area of a object.

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