Magic Math Space Tour for ages 11-12 years

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Magic Math Space Tour for ages 11-12 is a quiz-oriented CAI that provides an enjoyable environment for children to study math. Friendly animals and worms participate in the animations and introduce quizzes. An exciting comprehensive space tour returning to the Earth helps children study math by providing positive stimulation and it arouses the interest on the global nature and environmental issues.

the articles
It contains many animations under the articles like multiples and common multiples, divisors and common divisors, the greatest common divisor, the least common multiples, addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators, multiplication and division of fractions, proportional graphs, plane geometry (the volume of a cube, rectangular parallelopiped)

The quizzes and a game
The children can effectively learn mathematics with friendly natural animals and worms. A comprehensive and challenging game of Space Tour is included, in which the participants tour among the various planets and fly over the surface of the Earth, while encountering such hazards like multified space dragons and/or falling meteorites. Incorrect or tardy answers create difficulty in returning to Earth. Three levels of difficulty are provided. CAI enables basic unit lessons and comprehensive learning. It is useful at school as well as at home.

for Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7 PC 


Geometry Workshop Demo
The geometry lab is one of the most modern teaching technologies in computer applications. Here is the sample of Geometry Workshop. This illustrates the proportional relationship between two objects. In the graph, x-axis reflects time and y-axis represents distance. You can revolve the line of proportion by dragging clockwise or counter-clockwise, that experimentally changes relationship between time and distance.You can move a point on the line to the right or to the left for learning the concept.

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