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    With Magic Geometry Workshop, you can comprehend geometry through experimental approach and you can create educational resources for geometry yourself.

How your students can develop and sharpen geometric understanding?

Please experience the below geometric respources and please cast a thought how your students will understand geometry if he tries to make the geometric resources as belows, given an appropriate assignment from teacher?

The resources made by students can be expressed as the internet objects ( although a little ristrictions placed for using this resource on internet regarding the purpose of use, please check with us for details(Nippon Educational Soft Lab))

Please feel free to use the below resources.


Inscribed Quad-

Inscribed Quad-

the Pythagorean

midpoint connec

Angles at center
and circumference

Chord and tangent

tangent line

Parallel translation

Line symmetry

Geometry learning tool by making tangram games!
Magic Geometry Canvas

It sharpen geometric insights through the oriental puzzle games!

Magic Math Kingdom is the joyful math learning tool for K12 children, which applies the Magic Geometry Workshop technologies.

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