What is PAYPAL?

    If you receive a check from abroad, or send money to any bank abroad, will it be true that its handling charge or currency conversion rate cause you to be upset? Or doesn't it true that those handling charges only exceed the amount you want to send or receive, when you send or receive money to or from Africa, middle east/far east, Japan, North or South America, Carribian countries?

   It sometimes occurs that the handling charge exceed the amount of money you actually want to send or receive. Isn't it also frustrate you that such remittance usually takes several days for your fund to reach to the partner?
   Or suppose you are a seller of some precious products like cars, don't you worry the seller's and/or buyer's security protections?

Here PAYPAL become one of best solutions!

    To explain PAYPAL simply, it is an online bank account which work not only for one country but for the countries worldwide. It allows you to keep your account in holding the deposit in US dollors,Euro, Japanese Yen, or many other currencies. If you want to make an overseas remittance, and if you specify the type of currency for settlement, it becomes the effective remittance, right in time.

Suppose you join with any Affiliate program overseas and most of Affiliate program acceept the method of payment of commission by PAYPAL nowadays. So, you just specify PAYPAL as the method to get comission received. PAYPAL handles 16 currencies and cover 190 countries for overseas remittance

The extraordinary high handling charges for remittance to the banks in the West or East can be avoided,I if you adopt PAYPAL as the method of settlement.

If you are an international merchant through internet, PAYPAL mekes it possible for you to open international online shop easily which provide reasonable protections for the sellers and buyers. For instance, the country like China rapidly expanding its economy, it is steady way that you go to China to open your shop in Shanghai, but you are also possible to open net shop quickly with PAYPAL if you have the products to sell and you can deliver. Sample net shop of China

* For more of International online shop with PAYPAL,watch International Merchant Assist

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NESLAB(updated), June, 2010